AboutThe idea of getting behind the wheel and driving with friends and family on the water is part of the reason many buy boats. The freedom is unmatched, the ability to go anywhere, anytime, just has mass appeal. The boating lifestyle does take some getting used to, and the more you understand about what is in store for you, the more you will enjoy having your new boat. Consider the following tips before buying a boat.

1. Budget Accordingly – In addition to the price of the boat, make sure that you have budgeted long-term to cover for insurance, fuel, maintenance, storage, permits, licenses, repairs, safety equipment, fishing gear, and a trailer.

2. Boat Shows – A boat show is a great place to not only see the latest boats being manufactured, you get to talk with people in this industry who are a captive audience and can address all the questions or concerns you have about buying a new boat.

3. Safety First – Don’t let some trouble on the water spell disaster for your boating adventures. Know that things can get bad in the blink of an eye on the water, so taking a local safety training class with go a long way in making sure everyone is safe miles out to sea.

4. Marina Convenience – parking the boat at the marina so you can drive up with your car and hop in the boat and disappear is part of the allure of boating. That convenience comes with a price, so speak with someone at the marina about availability and docking fees.

5. New vs Used – Never assume you are getting the best deal on a new boat until you have shopped around looking at used boats. There are people who for whatever reason must get out of their boat deal, and many times their loss is a huge win for you in added accessories and upgrades.

6. Boating Understanding – Go out on your friends boat often, take in a boat show, subscribe to a boating magazine, or watch some boating shows on cable television. Immerse yourself in this lifestyle so you know ahead of time what you will have in store once you own your boat.

Now that you have taken the steps to get in position to enjoy this boating lifestyle, you are already miles ahead of those who impulse buy and then regret their decision in a few months. Enjoy the process and you will have years of memorable moments on your boat.