7 Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

Buying a boat can be one of the most enjoyable expenditures you make if you take the time to research and familiarize yourself first with everything boating. Before you jump into that boat with dreams of cruising the high seas, consider the following advice brought from the boat for sale professionals at boatmo.com:

boatforsale_27901. Emergency Training – Unlike driving a car, things can go really bad really fast out on the water, and in many cases you could be several miles from anyone helping you. Invest in a safety training class so you will better prepared to assist passengers in the event of trouble.

2. Consider All Costs – In addition to the price of the boat, take into account that you will need to be spending money for permits, gear, accessories, safety equipment, permits, storage, and possibly a boat trailer.

3. New vs. Used – While a new boat is packed with all the modern accessories, consider getting a used boat for a fraction of the price. The owner could be willing to toss in many of the accessories that you might need to buy after the purchase.

4. Boat Storage – There is a big price difference in storing you boat at the marina and using a trailer to get it home each day. While it is more convenient to meet at the marina and hit the seas, each marina can be more costly than the next.

5. Answer Your Questions – Buying a boat comes with many questions that you have unanswered before the purchase. Take the time to go to a local boat show and get the feel for the boats you like while asking as many of those questions and concerns you have.

6. The Boat Size – If this is your first boat, avoid the temptation to go too big with a boat and the largest motor. If you fall out of love quickly, it will be a tough sell. Go small at first, this way if you change your mind it will not be too costly too get out from the deal.

7. Boat vs. Needs – make sure the boat you are considering matches your needs on the water. If you are looking for a boat for water skiing and tubing, you don’t want to be shopping for a fishing boat.

These 7 considerations will help you to match the perfect boat for your specific needs while helping you to stay under budget. This way each trip on the seas with family and friends you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Learn Exactly How to Get a Real Estate Buyers Rebate

home rebatesBuying a house will be the most costly expenditure that you will make in your lifetime. Most people put every penny then have on the line to cover the down payment, inspections, and closing costs. The idea of being completely broke is quickly overshadowed by the joy of walking in a new house they can call their own. If you would like to leave the closing with a pocket full of cash, they you need to learn exactly how to get a real estate buyers rebate.

What is a Real Estate Buyers Rebate?
The real estate buyers rebate is a commission that the realtor givers buyers for working with them. When a house is listed for sale, the agreement states how much the agent will get paid in the form of a commission at closing. The real estate agent then takes a small cut of their commission and offers it to the buyer as incentive to do business with them. The money at closing comes as a great windfall that buyers can use to bridge the gap until they are back on their feet financially.

Why are Real Estate Rebates Beneficial?
The real estate rebate actually benefits all three parties in the sale of the house. The homeowner benefits from the real estate rebate because the agent works harder to sell the house and get the right buyers in the door because they need to make up some of the money they are losing in the commission by selling more homes. The real estate agent benefits from the rebate because they get new clients who will in turn tell all their family and friends about the amazing deal they got working with this particular agent. In real estate, referrals are everything. The buyer of course benefits at closing walking away with thousands of dollars to spend any way they choose.

Who Can Qualify for the Real Estate Rebate?
If you are in the market to buy a house, then you already meet the qualification for getting the real estate rebate. Everyone buying a house can inquire with their agent about the rebate, and the size varies depending on the amount of house being purchased. On the average, the house selling for $300,000 would result in the buyer walking away with a nice cash rebate in the mount of $3,000.

Now you know how to get a real estate buyers rebate, make sure that you talk with any real estate agent before signing the buyers contract about getting your share of this very lucrative deal.

Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be a daunting process, especially if you are making mistakes right out of the gate.  A recent discussion with Charleston SC based Premier One, gave us some insight that goes beyond real estate Charleston SC to give us advice to ensure that you get the right home in a timely manner, the following tips will give you everything that you need to help you along on this adventure.

real estate charleston sc1. Finding Your Dream House – Decide well in advance what a dream house is to you and do not waver. Don’t settle on a house because years from now you will regret that costly decision and be miserable in the house each day. Decide what size house in what neighborhood, and get out there and find that house. Don’t get discouraged if one you likes sells from under you, keep moving forward until you close on that house of your dreams.

2. Hiring a Local Realtor – make sure you begin working with a realtor right out of the gates. Your realtor will know exactly what type house you are looking for and be able to get a jump on the competition the day it is listed. By accessing their MLS listings, they can get instant notification a house you are interested in just hit the market so you are first in line when the house is being show to potential buyers.

3. Get Your Credit in Order – Do not wait until you find that dream house to start working on fixing your credit because the seller may be anxious to go and just choose any buyer who has everything already in order. The sooner you fix your credit, the better deal you will get from a lender, and that can translate to several thousand dollars in interest over the years in your home.

4. Lending Confirmation – Nothing appeals to a seller more than when a buyer walks in the door looking at their house and already has a qualification letter in hand. This letter tells the seller you are already approved for a loan and all that stands between them and the sale of the house is hashing out a selling price. Do yourself a favor and meet with your lender before you even call a realtor.

Now that you know all the tips for buying your first home you can get out there and make things happen. Houses go up for sale every day, so as long as you are prepared to buy, tomorrow could be the day that you go from looking to buying your first home.